Artists’ Books (a selection)

Pattie Belle Hastings

Science Project | Science Project: a collaborative experiment in reproductive technology
After many years of ambivalence toward creating another life, my laboratory partner and I decided to embark upon the experiment. This document charts the first few months of the lab results of an experiment that will literally be taking place over the course of a lifetime.

I Forgot... | I forgot what I was going to tell you... An Illustrated Guide to Sleep Deprivation
I stumble into chasms void of thought. Blank brain. Blank face. Blank pages. Words reverse as I speak. They were in order when I thought them, but the utterances project in disarray. “A baby ate my dingo.” I can’t, for the life of me, remember if I have put two cups of flour or three cups of flour into the bread machine. Dump and start over. My brain rattles in the skull like a withered nut loose in its shell. Not even a squirrel would gnaw upon its flesh. I need to get some sleep. All I need is sleep. An impossibility.

Digiloci BookDigiLoci | DigiLoci: Spirit of Place in the Digtal Age
Location is a general term defined as position and is usually referenced by its relationship or proximity to other locations. Place is about experience, the senses, and the psychological, which makes it a personal and subjective term. Location can be mapped, but sense of place is transitory, elusive, and determined by perception and memory. “The existential purpose of building (architecture) is therefore to make a site become a place, that is, to uncover the meanings potentially present in the given environment.” Christian Norberg Shulz, Genius Loci

Practical Navigator | “Land-locked in Atlanta and longing for the open sea, Pattie Belle Hastings was intrigued by Bowditch's directions for sailing a large vessel. His instructions for charting a ship’s course using fixed points of reference serve the artist as a metaphor for navigating through life. Hastings unites her own practical experiences with seafaring terms from Bowditch’s work.” Carol Barton from Science and the Artists’ Book, an exhibition at the Smithsonian Institution

Barrier Island | “The word barrier in the title refers not only to Cumberland Island's literal role as a huge sandbar shielding the shore from waves and winds, but also to its embodiment of various barriers and conflicts, both physical and metaphorical: uneasy relationships between people and nature, bureaucracy and science, feral and indigenous species, fresh and salt water, past and present, the well-to-do and the not-so privileged.” Tom Campbell, Art Papers, January/February 1996

Elegy | Elegy: An Intuitive Chronicle of War
Elegy juxtaposes the packaging of military pomp and circumstance with the physical and psychological pain of war. Elegy rhetorically presents the abstract military ideals of glory, honor, duty, and patriotism and then rightfully subverts them with the reality of dread, misery, fear, and grief. Implicit but not blatant in Elegy is a respect for a peaceful world – a humane place where life is valued and cherished, a place where true hope lies in the recognition of the tragedy of our past mistakes.” Dan Talley, Art Papers, November/December 1992

If You Sleep... | If you sleep on your other side it will go away...
“This book combines dreams and longing, trains and brain scans and a personal visual mythology in a haunting and beautifully produced book, printed in an evocative sequence of metallic colors, translucent overlays, and poetic images.” Nexus Press

Time | An exploration of time, the experience of time, the perception of time, the use, the misuse... really just an an example of a one-of-a-kind book.

Journals | “A peek behind the scenes” or my creative processes exposed for all to see. I love seeing other people’s journals and sketchbooks - those that are made public or published as art books. I also enjoy looking through my old volumes to see who I was, where I have been, and sometimes to discover unused nuggets that inspire me to new work.

Various Little Books | The content of my work is firmly situated at the conflux of art, science and technology. My form of choice has long been the book. The codex (in its most common form) is my ideal container for content, story, narrative, and image. These are some of my early books from the 1980’s that I simply don't think merit their own pages.

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