Performance Art

Pattie Belle Hastings

Fire Eating | When your dear friend approaches you and asks (with all seriousness) “Would you be interested in learning how to eat fire?” the most obvious answer is “Well, yes.” Besides testing the limits of my own fear factor, fire eating would also provide another opportunity to appear in costume. I will always jump at the chance to appear in costume. Doesn’t everyone? Really, how often do we, as “grown-ups” get to dress up? For most of us, I’d say “Not nearly enough.” After a few performances, I was able to extinguish the fire in my mouth! OK, probably not a marketable skill, but boy did I have fun...

GenderMachine | A multimedia history of the laboratory, study subject, and inventions, delivered as a scientific research presentation. Images, video, webcam readings, and a humorous, twisted story of motherhood combine to convince the audience to respond in character (as scientific colleagues) themselves during the question and answer period. (script & images to be posted)

Scarlet Genotype | “Doctor, are the test results back? I am so anxious...” It is assumed when you enter the room that you are the doctor. “My baby has the genetic predisposition for Parkinson’s. Is there a cure for that? Can you fix her DNA?” The confrontation continues as an animation loop of protein molecules projects onto the patient. The questions repeat, morph and multiply based on audience submitted script changes. Just how far should we go in the manipulation of genetic code? Diminutive stature? Male pattern baldness? What will the audience suggest next?

Cyborg Mommy | “I am completely operational and all my circuits are functioning perfectly.” Cyborg Mommy demonstrates her superior parenting capabilities as she explains how “Everything I know about Computers I learned from Mother.” Dual projections and audio show interactive multimedia visuals and Cyborg Mommy’s live head as she delivers her message to the audience through the screen.

Marsha McLuhan | Marsha has made three live appearances so far. The first was a live radio interview on WNPR and the second was a guest appearance at the annual Open Studios event in New Haven, Connecticut. Most recently she appeared at the (re)Actor Conference in Leeds, UK. Lately, she has been busy writing her new book, but she soon will be ready for more public appearances.


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