Pattie Belle Hastings

Mobile Misuse | I am currently conducting an art/research project on the creative use of mobile devices. The project has taken several forms since 2008 and this section documents some of those related projects.

projects iconMarsha McLuhan | What if it had been “Marsha” McLuhan? Would we have even heard of her? If we had, perhaps we would have caught on quicker that technology is material and symbolic; a tool for change and the change agent. Maybe women would have moved more quickly into making messages instead of mediating them. Transformation of Marshall McLuhan’s “end user as passive object” to “active subject” allows for users to act as agents of change. The design, creation, use and critique of technology gives women a chance to take control, rather than be controlled by it.

gendermachine iconGenderMachine | I work in a domestic laboratory for experimental applications and explorations of pseudoscientific techniques and processes. The household is examined under a microscope at various magnifications. This data is then used in support of unreasonable speculations about gender, technology, domesticity, motherhood, feminism and art making. For example, why are certain genders drawn to brightly colored plastic ponies with hairy manes and tails? Could it be that something at the molecular level of these objects communicates with the study subject?

books iconScarlet Genotype | A body of work built around the idea that our vices, defects, and predispositions, as determined by our genetic information, will be the new Scarlet Letter – a new form of social outcasting. In the future, our own genetic code will be used against us, just as Hester’s own genetic offspring, Pearl, was used as evidence against her. Humiliation in the public square will be replaced by lockout from health insurance or jobs, and stigmatized reproduction. What forms of control will be exerted over our genetic data? These processes have already begun...

cyborg iconCyborg Mommy | As machines and bodies become fused, Cyborg Theory celebrates, criticizes, and condemns the process. The machine/body relationship is at once liberating and oppressing. While movies and fiction depict the Cyborg as a futuristic superhuman or technological monster, I propose that it’s actually your average Mother and Housewife that are among the first so-called Cyborgs. For centuries, machines have extended the body of the mother as she tended the stove, cranked the washer, peddled the sewing machine, and vacuumed the house...

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